Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I produced this banner for Woden's Folk several years ago.
 At the same time I also made a banner for the EHF.

Both banners were made using a hand operated Singer sewing machine, so no electrical machinery was used at all. The design is based upon the Gar rune being the sacred centre, with the remaining 32 runes being displayed in four arms of eight runes. The flag is being used here at a sacred site in southern England.

This is my ritual hammer - it includes a goat leather handle, a small bronze figurine of Thunor which is secured to the handle by a leather length of Red cord, which was used at my handfasting.

close up of the Dragon headed ring and hammer head

the runes along the handle read

'Awake' on one side and 'Thunor Hael' on the other.